Friday, 26 November 2010

Night of the Senses 2011

Around about this time of year I am always happy to get an email from Dr Tuppy Owens. It seems my spiral studio work has become a bit of a signature tune for the Night of the Senses and for the last three years I have provided an image form the Muse series to be used on flyers, invites and in general for the charity event.

It started in 2007 when I was nominated and shortlisted for erotic photographer of the year and I have kept in touch. I really must get to London to one of the events but to paraphrase Morrissey 'I would go, but I haven't got a stitch to wear' ... actually that would be a distinct advantage at this event!

Well it's a good excuse to get a couple of my Spiral Studio images on the blog, my illustration style has been grabbing the limelight this year with the bulk of commissions being from that folio, it was mainly Spiral the year before so it all evens out I guess.

This years image of choice is Circus Show.

Last year was The Undertaker.

More news soon, I'm working on a set if 8 illustrations for a great client at the moment so I'll post when they are published.

Bye for now.