Friday, 1 June 2012

New Scientist - Dark Magnetism

… And here it is. From science fiction to science fact (well perhaps) for New Scientist illustrating a piece on dark magnetism. Nope it's not something Johnny Depp has … but it might be responsible for our expanding universe.

Originally intended as an interior illustration it ended up on the cover. I reckon it was pulled there by Dark Magnetism.

Thanks New Scientist and Arc for two great commissions!

Bye for now.

Arc - Attenuation

Here is an illustration I did recently for the wonderful Arc magazine, illustrating the short story 'Attenuation' by Nick Harkaway. It's a great story, this is my interpretation of the trifurcated main character(s)

I'm a fan of the likes of Philip K Dick and Kurt Vonnegut, anything with a warped reality asking a bit of a philosophical question is right up my street ... so this was a pleasure to work on!

The magazine is from the makers of New Scientist … talking of which, I have also just finished an illustration for New Scientist. I'll post that  … well, now …