Thursday, 16 May 2013

So far ...

Well, here's the series so far. Ego, Flood, Stretch, Jam. There is another in progress 'Slurry' and then I think I am going to leave this lot for a while. I only write occasionally so generating the texts that these accompany is slow, besides I have a few other things I want to give some attention to, the afore mentioned photographic pieces and also I have been thinking about getting back so some very early ideas to do with landscape and geometry and how I might bring some of my landscapes together with my painting and drawing. Quite besides the commissioned illustration work! so little time.

Bye for now x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Latest in the series of images inspired by my writing. This one is accompanied by a very short musing I penned last year. Probably around this time last year, I can see a lake and three ponds from my studio window. Spring is a beautiful time, an eruption of life but there is also so much death.

'I hope your few days stretched out like sunny months to you'

was the line of text that resulted in this image. 

The egg like shape which fits neatly into the birth / life / death cycle was actually accidental in that I have had a nice oval antique wooden frame knocking around the studio which I wanted to use.

60 x 50 cm

19.7 x 23.6"

Bye for now x