Wednesday, 14 July 2010


See told I took ages to update!

Just a quick one with a few items of news, exiting news though. I've been media whoring again. Firstly in the beautiful CIA 'License to Inspire' book. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy there is a plethora of talent contained within!

Also I am in the pages of Creative Review this month, that's mine on the far left ...

And for anyone in Taiwan I will have my second appearance in DPI magazine coming up in their lovely 12th birthday addition... Happy Birthday DPI!

Lots of work in the pipeline. A job I finished last year is about to see the light of day, well the inside of a few postboxes I expect, can you guess what it is? I'll let you know next blog.

Bye for now.


  1. It all looks lovely. In the second image, who is the artist in the top-left corner? It looks a bit like paper cut-out or a stage set design or something.

    Also, looking forward to seeing the secret thing that you won't explain.
    Is it stamps?

  2. That's Jonas Bergstrand, it's great work I think there is an element of assemblage...

    Below him is Jeff Nishinaka, he works with paper cut out but just wow! ...

    here he is at work

  3. oh! and yep it's a stamp : ) I have to be bit cagey about it until the release date.

  4. Excellent, thanks. They're both amazing. I've been doing this paper cut-out stuff for a few weeks now that's like some of Bergstrands work. Typical, just when I'm enjoying something new, turns out somebody's done it already and done it much better :D

    Jeff Nishinaka's work reminds me a bit of Peter Callesen
    Have you seen his stuff before?