Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sunday Telegraph

This was going to be a longer post but I was in the midst of writing it when a job with a tightish deadline turned up (rather nice job, I will post the image once it's finished) so this is a somewhat abbreviated version, no great loss I suspect the original post was just my usual ramblings.

Here is the main image from the Sunday Telegraph commission I did recently, lovely commission with a completely open brief (always makes me smile when I am left to interpret the text myself) I produced about six roughs of which three were chosen which was great as I had only been commissioned to do two. The copy was about a young girl suffering from ocd. I was struck by situations she found herself in where she would become almost immobilised by the condition, trying to take a shower or, as I illustrated here, unable to go upstairs. I have often wondered if there is not a little of this condition in most of us, little quirks that it is hard to resist acting on, of course with ocd these compulsions are way out of control but I suspect that to a much lesser degree it exists in many people.

More work to post soon!

Bye for now.

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  1. nice one! Really nice image, and good news about another post on its way :D

    OCD is really interesting. It's something we all have to a small degree but in some people it can feedback to amazing degrees. It's so strange that it is, in a sense, voluntary and yet it can ruin people's lives. I'd find an open brief on something like fairly daunting :D

    ...gonna post up the other roughs you did, by any chance? :D