Monday, 18 November 2013


After illustrating The Owl Service I am very happy to say the Folio Society returned and asked me to illustrate a short story for their magazine. I think I may have mentioned before but I love illustrating short stories and this was no exception. It was a dark, grim and gritty tale called Hollow by the author Breece D J Pancake. Here are two illustrations from the series of double page spreads I created.

I like characters in stories that I essentially dislike, loathe even but whom I can perhaps feel for at the same time, perhaps even understand why they are as they are however abhorrent that is to me. The Bunny Munros, (as in The Death of), Eucrid (And the Ass Saw the Angel), Frank (The Wasp Factory) Hollows Buddy is similar. I will be reading more of the late Breece Pancake for sure.

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